Application Consultant

HCM Ready | Seattle, WA

Position Purpose & Responsibilities:

  1. Setting up new accounts for payroll, human resources, time and labor, and scheduling services accurately and within a defined time frame, while maintaining exceptional service.
  2. Validating client set up through the successful completion of initial live payrolls.
  3. Training clients to continually maintain their configured accounts using provided systems and tools.
  4. Developing solutions to specific client requirements taking into consideration payroll and tax compliance requirements, client workflow requirements and preferences and system capabilities.
  5. Continually refining, improving and documenting application configuration processes.
  6. Building effective, collaborative working relationships throughout the organization with staff, peers, and managers.

Knowledge & Competency Requirements:

Collaborative – All-in mindset, listening and learning from each other. Strong business and interpersonal communication skills, with a client-first approach to business.

Agile – Independence-fueled quickness, always looking ahead. Ability to manage multiple concurrent projects to completion. Excited to learn new software applications.

Strategic – Attuned to evolving workforce needs. Plan and design work with purpose. Record of strong analytical skills being practically applied.

Reliable – Whatever it takes, laser-focused on results. High levels of attention to detail and organization.

High-Achieving – Primed to meet high standards. Ability to lead cross-functional teams.

Behavioral Attributes:

  • Ability to work on technical issues with non-technical clients and create a positive experience for them while doing it.
  • High personal preference towards owning the entire life-cycle of a work product.
  • Attitude of helpfulness, and an interest in educating and training others when needed.
  • Collaborative attitude, willingness to share and use best ideas.
  • Ability to turn concepts into practical applications.
  • Ability to meet deadlines consistently while maintaining high quality of work output.
  • Self-reliant and independent, with an ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams when called for.
  • Ability to take initiative in identifying, investigating and resolving problems.
  • Persistent, focused and optimistic

Job Type: Full-time

Job Location: Seattle, WA